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My Vikini Three-Step System

Are you tired of looking down at your bikini area and seeing ingrown hair bumps and dark spots? H...

Are you tired of looking down at your bikini area and seeing ingrown hair bumps and dark spots? Have you tried every product on the shelf and still aren't loving your results? Well, look no further because the My Vikini Three-Step System is here to tackle all your skin concerns in one simple solution!

Step 1: Salicylic Acid Body Wash

First things first, let's remove dead skin and clear the pores in your pubic region with the My Vikini Salicylic Acid Body Wash. This exfoliating treatment will prepare the surface layer of your skin for the next steps. Apply two to three pumps while you shower and lather it up in your hands until soapy. Remember that The Three-Step System is meant for exterior use only, and you should not use My Vikini products inside the vagina. Scrub until you think you're done - and then keep going! The longer you scrub, the better the results.

Step 2: Ingrown Hair Serum

Next up, let's tackle those annoying ingrowns with the My Vikini Ingrown Hair Serum. Once the area is clean and dry, apply a dime-sized drop of the serum to troubled areas of the skin. Allow the serum to dry, and then apply a petroleum-based moisturizer to rehydrate and ensure the solution is locked in. Leave the product on overnight and for the best results, make sure you don't wear any underwear - you don't want any friction rubbing against your skin!

Step 3: Hyperpigmentation Fading Cream

Finally, let's target those dark spots with the My Vikini Hyperpigmentation Fading Cream. Apply the cream the morning after you've finished Steps 1 and 2. You'll want to apply this to your skin like lotion. Repeat this Three-Step System five to six times a week for the most effective results. Make sure you take before pictures in good lighting to track your progress. I'm so excited about your journey and can't wait for you to start seeing your progress!

Your skin is special. Treat it that way. Bundle and save by ordering all three products together!

All My Vikini products are dermatologist-tested & guaranteed to be safe for your skin. Our products are manufactured & produced animal-free, are 100% organic & sustainable, and alcohol & paraben-free, using only the safest ingredients for your body.

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