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About Us

Growing up in Nevada, Jamie Gill always had a passion for helping women feel beautiful in their skin. Beginning as a makeup artist in college, she learned her craft, taught masterclasses, serviced celebrities, and was featured on TLC's Say Yes to the Dress. After seeing her clients' excited reactions to having their makeup done, she knew she wanted to expand her reach within the beauty industry.

"When I would show the client their makeup in the mirror when I was finished, they would love it; you could really see that they were feeling it! It made me really happy to know that I was able to give someone that boost of confidence and make them feel good about themselves."

 – Jamie 

Soon after, Jamie enrolled in esthetician school and quickly mastered the art of sugar waxing. From servicing clients in her studio to opening a successful waxing salon, Jamie has created a comfortable environment for women to express their intimate skin concerns and receive quality treatments catered to their needs.

"It's that immediate connection that I have with strangers. As a woman, I am fulfilled knowing that other women trust that I am going to take care of them with my services. We don't know each other but here you are in my salon with your knees to your chest telling me about your weekend."

 – Jamie

Jamie loves building strong client relationships while performing esthetician services. She strives to create a safe space for women who visit her salon. Her mission is to take the taboo out of waxing and educate women on the intimate skincare available to them. She has done so by sharing her work with her supportive community at her salon and on social media.

During Jamie's journey treating hundreds of clients, she noticed many women had something in common: they were ashamed of their bikini area.

Through her years of experience and success, Jamie discovered a market for professional sugar waxing and at-home aftercare products. Leaning on her expertise as an esthetician, Jamie started My Vikini to fulfill her mission of making women feel more confident in their skin. As leaders in the sugar waxing and vajacial industry, Jamie and the My Vikini team developed the Three-Step System: the first all-in-one solution that addresses every bikini area skin concern. She is proud to present a product that she loves and uses in her daily life.

To Jamie, salon services are like therapy. She understands that seeing improvements in your skin can boost your energy. She stands by My Vikini's before-and-after results and is proud to help others feel good about themselves by providing quality skincare services.

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