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My Vikini Sugaring Vs Nair - Best Hair-Removal Methods

sugaring wax and Nair hair-removal cream

There are many methods of hair removal. Each hair removal process has its benefits and best-use cases. However, when addressing the bikini area, you likely want to use the method that lasts the longest, is safe for sensitive skin, and is the least painful. Sugaring may be the perfect solution.

You may be thinking, 'why not just use a cream option like Nair bikini cream because it's completely painless?' And it is a cheaper option. Let's talk about the difference between Nair cream and sugaring with My Vikini.

What is Nair? And How Does It Work?

Nair is a name brand of chemical hair removal product called a depilatory. It comes in a cream, lotion, or gel spread on the skin to temporarily remove hair.

nair cream for hair removal

Nair uses chemical ingredients to dissolve the hair by breaking down the hair structure temporarily. However, it doesn't remove the roots as with waxing or sugaring, so hair grows back thick and fast (between one to three weeks). Additionally, the regrowth can easily cause ingrown hairs. 

Nair may be an alternative for those used to shaving because it's painless, easily accessible, and inexpensive; however, there are many potential side effects and precautions.

Because Nair is a product that uses harsh chemicals, it can cause:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin irritation
  • Chemical burns
  • Skin peeling or rash
  • Blisters 

My Vikini Sugaring vs. Nair

Sugaring is a hair-removal process involving a natural paste to remove hair from the root. The process is less abrasive and irritating to the skin than other hair-removal methods, including waxing. The sugaring paste consists of sugar, lemon, and water heated together to form a candy-like consistency.

myvikini sugaring wax dripping

The sugaring paste removes the hair from the root; because of this, the hair grows back thinner over time and is less likely to cause ingrown hairs.

Sugaring with MyVikini

Nair Cream

Removes hair from the root

Temporarily dissolves hair at the skin level

Makes the hair grow slower and finer

Hair grows back thick and fast

Only three natural ingredients (lemon, sugar, water). Less abrasive to the skin than any other form of hair removal. It will never burn the skin.

Synthetic ingredients that can cause chemical burns and irritate the skin

Prevents and minimizes ingrown hairs

May cause ingrowns since hair is not removed from the root


Sugaring is the most effective and long-lasting hair removal process. We recommend that a trained and licensed esthetician complete the sugaring process itself. Then, 48 hours after sugaring, exfoliate and moisturize every day with the My Vikini Three-Step System to maintain healthy, smooth skin.

Ready for Smooth Hair-Free Skin?

Book your first sugaring appointment for four weeks from now, so you have time to allow your hair to grow out for the treatment and purchase the My Vikini Three-Step System for aftercare. To prepare for your treatment, we also recommend exfoliating your skin regularly.

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